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R J Garbowics Main brain of Webtalk

End-to-End Relationship Management Intuitive, Organized and in One Place


The world’s 1st universal contact management system for both personal AND business use.
Connect personally, professionally or both ways to segregate your networks.
Add searchable tags, labels, notes and network values for your closest relationships and prospects.
Get CRM contact folders and a file tree for all types of relationships, personal and business.


Take control over your newsfeed using proprietary search and filtering technology
Filter news by contact groups, media types and keywords to find the news you want fast.
Post any type of file or media to targeted audiences to build and maintain relationships
Syndicate your news to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Slack at the same time.
Filter news based on contact values (inner vs outer circles.

All-In-One Profile

You don’t share your life story with strangers, and neither should your profile.
Showcase what you want, to who you want, with permission-based profiles, and built-in pages to showcase your resume and media build credibility with recommendations from your network and Webtalk Verify™
Conduct lookups before, during or after meetings to find commonalities.
Customize your profile with photos and videos.

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