New Generation Fintech (Social Media)

Now a days our life is connected using the means of online communication. It is hard to meet any smartphone owner who does not use some type of social network- messenger or money transfer app. Mobile phones have transformed our way of communication between each other and there is no way back. Creation of different blogs and channels, all of this have become a part of our daily life. At the same time, there is another revolution happening in the world.

A world where banks and mega-corporations dictated the society is now facing an alternative. Cryptocurrencies are run by a decentralized ecosystem, and are becoming more known and popular; more people are becoming more interested in the alternative to the common currency.

FC007 (FRIIENDCOIN007) mission is to make both the fiat and cryptocurrencies easy accessible for the vast majority of people.

Creating a user-friendly, comfortable and secure all in one fintech platform for communication, earning, trading, advertising, and buying.


Tired of the old-fashioned trends promoted by banks and global corporations, we decided to choose another path. A path free of the mass surveillance and the complete control over your thoughts, finances, and life- this is the path of the future.


Mai goal is creating a universal application that gives its users the opportunity to do multiple things together with communication. With Friend007 it is possible to talk with friends, buy different stuff in the e-shops, listen to music, read books, order food, taxi and so on. What is more important, you can use your social network as the wallet for multiple types of currency. Don’t need to waste your device memory by downloading multiple apps for different purposes. Don’t need any more to waste your time to use different sources and wallets to transfer and exchange different type of currency.

FC007 (FRIENDCOIN007) mission is to make
all in one crypto social network where you can earn with your daily activities and buy with discount FC007

New generation world’s first All in One fintech platform for social and business communication.

Join the new world with us –> FRIENDCOIN007

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