New Generation Fintech (Social Media)

Now a days our life is connected using the means of online communication. It is hard to meet any smartphone owner who does not use some type of social network- messenger or money transfer app. Mobile phones have transformed our way of communication between each other and there is no way back. Creation of differentContinue reading “New Generation Fintech (Social Media)”

Earn while you Browse

A digital Cryptocurrency is also called as Virtual Money. Came into existence in 2008 by a programmer with pseudonym Satoshi Nakamota and Named it as Bitcoin. Minig is performed by a complicated mathematical calculation in mining farm. It can be mined on PC, Notebook, Tablet or Mobile. The. World’s very first browser with built inContinue reading “Earn while you Browse”

More Than Just Another Messenger

Existing messengers have failed to integrate features to serve the growing sophistication of their users, lacking the tools to create thriving communities, reward contributors, manage spam, or spot fake accounts. Instead, users are given bare minimum platforms that expose their private information and profit from their data. Over past decade, messaging apps and platforms haveContinue reading “More Than Just Another Messenger”

Your Source To Cryptocurrency!

A Multi-Crypto Faucet in which you decide how often to claim. Most faucets will allow you to claim once in a while. This is different,you decide how often you would like to claim*. Every minute, every hour that passes, your claimable crypto amount fills up in our faucet. The initial increase being a lot fasterContinue reading “Your Source To Cryptocurrency!”

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